What is my calling to engage in mission?

by bobbybnow on June 27, 2016

What is my calling to engage in mission? A perspective from the desk of the NW Area Steward…

Adam CummingsGreetings Men of the Northwest,
I’m grateful to know many of you, and the rest of you perhaps we’ll someday meet. It never ceases to amaze me how this brotherhood has created connections in every corner of the country for me since being engaged. This year I am beginning a blog on behalf of the NW Area Stewardship Council to serve as a connection between the 20,000 foot level of what’s going on in MKP and the paths through which each of you can discover how your own engagement in MKP is in step with your personal mission of service.

When I began serving at the Board level nearly 5 years ago, we established this as the mission of our then non-profit organization: ManKind Project Northwest is a sustainable organization that provides a gateway to a more mature masculinity and service in our communities. We encourage men to take ownership of their Area, communities, missions, and lives. Today, we are officially a unified Area of MKP USA – with autonomy, but part of a greater whole that, together with 27 other Areas around the country, are delivering the mission of “Changing the world, one man at a time” in our own back yards.

With events such as what happened in Orlando, the discord in our political arena, violence and hatred occurring in all corners of the earth – our missions of service are more important than ever before. What is your mission of service and how can it make a difference? While I can’t affect on-the-ground difference for what happened in Orlando – I can redouble my efforts in my back yard where I channel my gifts, passion, love, talent, and drive to create space for the next man. How about you?

There are many events going on in the Northwest this year and next – some kind of training or retreat nearly every month this year and more in the works. This newsletter (and these blog articles) will be recurring monthly and will be adapted with more local information for each of your communities. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, your Community Coordinator, or another men you know.

You can find more men in your community and other resources via MKPconnect.org – and we are continuing to make progress in optimizing nw.mkpusa.org as our Northwest portal for news, events, etc. To wrap up, let me share a quick list Northwest Area leadership, who are all men who can help you in your engagement with MKP and your own mission.

Bobby Bakshi – Puget Sound Community Coordinator and Communication Lead
James Harrison – Portland Community Coordinator and Membership Lead
Gregg Kleiner – Willamette Valley Community Coordinator (outgoing)
Don Morris – Willamette Valley Community Coordinator (incoming)
Xavier Zielinski – Eastern WA & Northern ID Community Coordinator & Developing Communities Council Representative
Rory Bowman – I-Group Chair
Mike Patterson – Leaderbody Chair
Mark Teague – Elder Council Chair
Trevor Ruhl – Young Warrior Chair
Walt Newman – Area Administrator Extraordinaire!
Adam Cummings – Area Stewardship Council President

Through our connections and missions, we play our part in changing the world. Thank you for all you do, and all you will do – it is needed.

In service and gratitude,


Adam Cummings
Lion Dancing with Coyote
President | Area Stewardship Council
ManKind Project Northwest



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